CreatedHere is a non-profit web and print publication focused on uncovering the stories of New Brunswick artists. Founder Marie-Hélène Morell, Art Director Kerry Lawlor and Managing Editor Allison Green bring together content that elevates local artists, cultivates a connected arts community, and inspires readers.




Marie-Hélène Morell

Founder of CreatedHere Magazine, Marie-Hélène Morell is a writer, photographer and fibre artist working in recycled textiles, tapestry weaving and more. She gravitates toward fibre arts and textiles because they are among the oldest and most prevalent tangible expressions of culture. Manipulating and sharing them communicates about who we are and what is important to us. 

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kerry lawlor
art director

Kerry Lawlor is the Graphic Designer for the New Brunswick College of Craft and Design. A graduate of St. Thomas University with a degree in Psychology, an NBCCD Alumn with a diploma in Graphic Design, she has worked for Goose Lane Editions, Charlotte Street Arts Centre, the Beaverbrook Art Gallery, and continues to influence the visual landscape of downtown Fredericton at NBCCD. 

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allison green
managing editor

Allison Green is the VP of Craft NB, Content Developer for NBCCD, and an NB Nature Trust Steward. She earned the Governor General’s Academic Medal for her Textile Design training, and has since received the Nel Oudemans Award and an artsnb Creation Grant. She uses her experimental textiles to study insect and plant life - through residencies as well as careful practice in her homestead studio.


also on the CreatedHere team

assistant content developer & photographer
hailley fayle

Assistant Graphic Designer
Holly Peril

Marketing Assistant
glenn Shaver